About me

Hello, I am John. I am an amateur writer, and I have written pretty much constantly for about twenty years, but have been cursed with a savage lack of focus. I usually get an idea and write a scene, then get filled with further ideas about how to progress it but inevitably fail to deliver. I have millions of these little ditties, scribbled in notebooks and best forgotten.
Well, hitting my fortieth (meh…) year I decided that it should end. I decided to take the advice that said you should not write what you think you should, but about what inspired you as a young ‘un. So I have. The genre I have chosen to work on is fantasy. I am less than enamored about being labelled a fantasy writer (it brings to mind images of beardy wierdies in LOTR T-shirts) but it was these books that fired my younger imagination, and I have certainly read enough of them to have a vague idea of how I think it should be done.
I am not an accomplished writer, that much is clear, but as I go I will improve and there is no need to worry about coming up with a finished article yet. Steady away, improving as I go – this is the way I will do it. This blog is my journey towards a finished product, even if it be years away…

ย My work!


  1. Good luck to you, John. I, too, am a ‘cursed’ writer, but with a ‘savage’ host of distractions! Like you, I’m pushing through it in a consistently inconsistent sort of way. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Keep up the posts and the writing. I’ve enjoyed (and related to) the ones that I’ve read so far.Thanks for sharing!


  2. I very much understand where you’re coming from John! There are so many things we “don’t know;” and sometimes it seems like everyone else does (to me). Keep pounding the keyboard, and one day (we’ll both) realize that we knew it all, all along.

    Also, thank you for following and liking my post on RoosterWords. Truly, it made my day!


  3. Best of luck in your endeavours – I recently thought I’d put my lifelong dream of ‘being an author’ into some form of tangible reality, and tried to write a few short sketches and short stories, but nothing doing. I am absolutely terrible at it. I also can’t decide between the things they tell you – is it better to write about things you know really, really well, or is it better to get some distance and accept what you write as ‘craft’..? Can’t decide. Don’t know!!

    Good luck with your writing!!!


  4. Good luck, im desperatly trying to write the stories that I have in my head and like you amd using the blogosphere as a way of helping me unlock that potential.


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