So How Are Things Going, Hmm?

So, if the last few years has taught me anything it’s that writing is more difficult than…um… solving a 4d Rubik’s cube. Or building a computer processor with a broken soldering iron and a pound of un-spun wool, or circumnavigating the globe in a rubber inner-tube. There are many similes I can use and they will all be inadequate for the job (as you may be able to tell). My current level of progression is testament to all of this. Let me summarise my last four years, since I started this self-learning experiment.

At least a million words have been set to paper (or onto the screen and saved to disk for the most part) and numerous notebooks covered in inarticulate scribbles, inelegantly organised and piled in dusty corners. About fifty apps have been utilised in a vain attempt to be productive and to organise yet further notes, most discarded (see previous post). I have developed a routine for writing that requires a goodly portion of my free time, and I find myself pondering upcoming scenes whilst doing my day job, buying groceries, driving around, making coffee. Everywhere and when, in fact.

It is almost as if writing with the intent of creating a work of fiction has changed the way my brain works. Don’t get me wrong, the fact that four years later I have not produced anything worthy of consideration for potential publication, and only completed two actual projects (both of which are, frankly, naff) has no bearing on the fact that the decision to write is the best thing I ever did. It gave form to what my mind craved.

I have to say, I am in perpetual admiration of proper authors; those people that have the focus, application and intelligence to create book after book, crafted and thoughtful as each one is (in the most part). No, in fact I am jealous of them, an envy that drives me on to write yet more gubbins until ONE DAY I create something of which I am proud as punch to call my own work of genre fiction. It will happen one day, but I tell you this, each and every day is a struggle to better myself and to–one day–join their ranks. I know I can do it. I have to.


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