What’s next for Poindexter?

Interminable update ahoy.

A wise man may once have said something along the lines that persistance is the mother of invention (that’s blatantly wrong, but I’m feeling playful). Or maybe it was the borg…persistance is futile? Anyway, I have ground to an almighty stop with my big piece de resistance.

lemur_faceSo I have begun something else. A darker piece, written in the third person instead of the first person – first person is bloody limiting, if you ask me – I am intending it to be faster-paced, and including all manner of weird magic and a whole pantheon of godlike entities. Influences, in this case, are the Stephen Erikkson novels (partly) and also a bit of Brandon Sanderson. I know, it sounds naff, but…hey ho, it’s summat to do.

I am too old and withered (mentally) to be bothered about the restart. It’s not like I can’t go back to the behemoth at a later date, and in the meantime I am learning, learning, learning. What, precisely, I cannot tell yet. Meh.

So, 7k words into my new venture, and how is it going? Well, I’ll keep it short, but there is a talking lemur in it. I will not go into details in order to preserve you from spoilers. As if…!



  1. Sorry I wasn’t able to leave a comment earlier, I’m sure you were relieved…er wondering. 😉
    Writing characters in first person is a bear, in my experience. Maybe it’s just that I’m just not good at it! Third person is much easier for me. And that is an impressively large picture of a lemur..it looks very clever. Is he the villain or the hero? Anyway, good luck with it. I’m sure it will be good, as you’re clever, as well. Looking forward to reading snippet of it at some point.


  2. I love how unperturbed you are – so even if you haven’t yet found the words for what you’ve learnt you’re teaching a lesson, which is write what you feel like and don’t stress. Nice. I’m actually (weirdly) writing a post for this week about going back to the beginning. You might feel like I’ve stolen your idea, but promise I started it before reading this 😉
    Anyway, my point is that I realise I’ve been quite over analytical about the whole thing – what me really? But Now, I’m just going to chill about the whole thing.


  3. I think I probably take ‘unperturbed’ to sub-zero levels, but I appreciate the posts, CDF and Gabrielablandy. Oh, and CDF, the lemur is entirely incidental, which I think is appropriate…it is, as we all are, partly hero, partly villain, and wholly lemur. Not that we are lemurs. Ah, you know what I mean…


      1. Sorry, I didn’t look ‘Scots’ up for the proper spelling. And you will have to translate the rest of that down into Americanese for me to understand it. 😀

      2. You and I would never understand each other in person without a computer and dictionary nearby 😉 Of course, I looked it up… Trolling:The art of deliberately, cleverly, and secretly pissing people off, usually via the internet, using dialogue.
        Well! That’s not very flattering, is it? 🙂 I thought it was being funny, not dangerous!

    1. Yep, by trolling I merely infer your spelling would annoy a scotsman. Like if you called them Scotch (he’d rip yer ‘heed’ oaf)! I guess a better word would be controversial, or perhaps ‘cheeky’!


      1. Funny! I’ll remember not to do that if ever I meet one.You mentioned your mother is Scottish. Do you consider yourself English then? Do you have a lot of Scottish relatives?

  4. She is, and I am most certainly English (by dint of the fact I was born there and not as a nationalistic thing), and I have lots more Scottish relatives than English.


  5. For some reason, not all of your replies show up on my WordPress. I only see all of them if I look at my emails on my phone or on your post, so I missed the last one…
    This may be a loaded question, but barring the obvious, what are the differences between the English and the Scottish people and how do they get along?


    1. That’s an old one. Not for nothing do the Scots call the English “The auld enemy”. The differences? Well, it has a lot to do with the fact that the Scots consider the English to be oppressors. Never mind the fact that the first king after the union was the Scottish one – James the 6th and 1st (the sixth of the name on Scotland, the first in Britain). The English are reasonably happy being called British, because to a lesser or greater degree we think that to be the case out of apathy, but for the Scots, Britain in the opressor too. It’s complicated. The English consider the Scots dour, the Scots consider us ‘wankers”. The Scots are known for the ginger attack. This is what I call it when a family has a random ginger child just because the ginger gene lurks more in the scottish. I don’t mean redhead, I mean bright ginger; freckles and a strong likelihood of skin cancer after ten minutes of mild British sunlight. The Scottish are rubbish at football (though in all honesty England aren’t much better). A good way of showing the way the two ‘countries’ see each other is, indeed, football. At a world cup (that’s using the word ‘world’ in its correct form – World series…tsk), the English will support Scotland in their matches, but the Scots always support whomsoever England are playing. The small man syndrome on a state scale.
      The Scots have a ridiculous sense of their own ‘cultural heritage’ – all those kilts and castles in purple heather. It’s a whole heap of crap. The English have the same (the bulldog, Churchill, hating the Germans – these are a bit dated, I’ll agree) but it all boils down to essentially “my people are better than your people”, completely ignoring the point. That we’re all just people. The English/Scottish relationship is the problems of the world in microcosm.

      It’s not really, I just got a bit carried away there…


      1. That was interesting and entertaining, JDA. What are ‘wankers’, or do I want to know? Yes, I want to know, for future reference. I’d hate to inadvertently offend someone…The ‘dour’ part is interesting. I suppose they have had a history of suffering and that it could become a habit to think like that.
        There’s a recurring theme in the things you write: people are just people. That’s very generous and philosophical for a misanthrope. 😉 Surprising, anyway. I have the tendency to see people in general negatively (that’s why I have hermit tendencies) but I fight it, wanting to be a good Christian.
        Well, it’s always nice when you deign to chat with me, JDA. 😉 Thanks.

      2. Wankers…one who wanks – indulges in wanking. Considered quite a bad swearword, and an insult. The act of wanking aside, it also means an obnoxious, egotistic person, usually male. I will attempt to use American-type equivalents…douche, jerk-off. Well…that was uncomfortable for both of us.
        About the misanthrope thing, I like humanity, but I don’t particularly like people individually. They’re mostly ignorant dullards most of the time. But mankind can be glorious, ingenious and spectacular. Incidentally I came to that opinion myself!
        ‘Deign’? You flatter me and I absolutely will not have it! Thanks yourself!

  6. I thought it might be something like that…I would think a person would rather be thought of as ‘dour’. I guess you’re both? 😉 Teasing. The origin of swearwords is interesting…There should be a list of swearwords and ‘things not to say’ for each country. I should look it up!
    I don’t think you’re a misanthrope, no matter how well you talk the talk. “I hate people’ and ‘mankind is glorious..” are mutually exclusive, don’t you think?


    1. Not really. I simply dislike most people, but as a collective they are greater than the sum of the tedious, annoying, self-centred parts. Meh, but its only an opinion.


      1. Entirely natural. I dwell in annoyance perpetually. Nah, I don’t really, I’d just got annoyed at something I have now forgotten about. That’s quite a regular thing, come to think of it… How’s sunny America?

    1. Dammit, how many foreign languages are you trying to get into a comment here??! Ok. email it is… so…how do we do that then? I have a healthy mistrust of just posting my email on here!


      1. I’m a little worried about this favor, but I’m sure I’ll live…if you go to my blog, there is a place to contact me via email. I would have done that with you long ago if you had set up a contact page! 😉 (Maybe that’s exactly what you were worried about?) It’s really perfectly safe, no email addresses revealed unless you so choose…

      2. Don’t worry about the favour…now…have you got a valid passport and £20,000 dollars? Ha! Only joking!….or am I? Yes I am…damn, I’m stuck in an infinite loop…or am I? Argh! I will contact you anon.

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