Check out the heft on THAT milestone…!

Look, if you didn’t want me to write updates about my word count you should have avoided looking at my blog. Oh, you have tried? Well screw you, here’s an update.

And so this week I hit 60k words for the first time on one project. I think I did a 52k a while back that died on its arse, but never 60k. Let’s, good people, put that into context.

That’s 1.65 times the size of the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, and there’s NO slimy christian allegories in sight.

That’s 1.30 times the size of Fahrenheit 451 and no books were harmed in the crafting.

It’s also 0.67 times the size of Orwell’s magnificent 1984, although sanity, as they say, is not statistical.

It is 0.29 times the girth of Moby Dick, and, incidentally, I have some whales in it. Don’t ask.

Finally, as I have just spent pretty much three months (it could be longer) writing it so far, I think to have completed the equivalent of 0.131 of the Lord of the Rings is not a bad job, and there are no dull elven songs messing with your mojo. Bloody elves.

That is all.


PS, that’s twenty-thousand of your English words done in eleven days. I’d say that counts as a spurt.


  1. It’s Thursday, JDA, you know what that means…time to post. Teasing. We are celebrating a cherished American holiday today: Black Friday, a day of mindless, gluttonous shopping. Yes, I know it’s not Friday- Thursday is the new Friday here in America (Time iis money!). It was originally another holiday, something to do with a turkey, our national bird (I’m sure you find that fitting). Oh, wait – I think that it was in commemoration of the natives saving the behinds of those silly Englishmen by feeding them…or something. πŸ˜‰


    1. [sigh] If I rise to your blatant inflammatory comments, it will belittle me.

      But…you Americans have to get over your silly misapprehension that history for you lot started on that continent. As soon as you realise that WE are your history then the sooner you will realise your true insignificance!

      I cannot possibly post as I lack any inspiration. It would have to be a silly scene again, or some such frippary.

      PS, the pilgrims were mental! That’s why we let em go…!


      1. Hey, I didn’t see the rest of what you wrote until now. Another scene would be good! Or any ‘frippery’ of your choosing…whatever that is. πŸ˜‰ And I just have three words (more or less) for you about ‘mental’: King George III ! πŸ™‚

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