Ouroboros post number one

Once upon a time a certain aspiring novellist said to his friends, colleagues and others that he would do a writing blog and populate this with his thoughts as he went about writing his book. He was a fool (albeit a shining, rosy faced, beautiful one).

He had not considered the implications of his rash decision. Not only would he have to go through the brain-shrivelling rigmarole of actually trying to write, but now he had to summon the requisite self-absorption to tell everyone what he was doing, package it into a neat little post and shove it onto the internet – where, presumably, it would be categorically ignored, and in a few cases not even that.

Added to this kerfuffle was the inherent problem: The more he wrote, the less he could find to tell the word about. It was like he was stuck in a never-ending retrograde cycle of pointlessness – an ouroboros of wordiness disappearing up its own arse.

To solve this he wrote a post about writing his post, which caused a rift in the space-time continuum  (or something) very much like the winner of the Ignoble award here, which is a report about reporting on reports. Humans are ace at this sorta shit, as Ghandi would never have said.

Anyhoo, there you have it. A post on posting posts. And it is not the first. I may have to write a book about not writing books. That could work.



    1. I apologise for not being enough of a sesquipedalianist. I have been avoiding a)work, b)significant writing, c) bloggin’ and d)the world. But I am back, and thank you for the prompt. I need prompts and have few who offer them to me.


      1. I’m glad you take teasing and harassment well. I totally understand a), b), c) and especially )d! I’ve been there myself this past couple of weeks.

        I sincerely enjoy your posts, jdaitken. I think you have a lot of interesting things to share. You should do it more often. 🙂

      2. Oh, and ‘sesquipedalianist’ – that was a good one. I had to look up TWO words for one!

      3. Merci pour ton lettre, Chalkdustfairy (I like to pretend I is clever so I speaks the french). And thank you for your kind words. The second way of saying it is probably righterer.

  1. Lest you think me derelict in carrying out my self-appointed duty of prompting you to post, here it is: if you planned on posting weekly, you are late by one day. However, it is not too late. Better late than never, I say. 😉


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