Eye Wonder…

Have you ever gone on holiday and had the feeling you left something turned on? Yes? No? Well, maybe you should write a comedy routine based on stuff like this and then intersperse it with jokes about airline food and mothers-in-law. People will lap it up.

Anyway, that was my introduction to today’s post; a post that at this time has no theme, save for the doodle I have put up for your delectation.

Conventional wisdom suggests I should weave the subject of the drawing into the text of this post, perhaps making one or two incisive comments and deriving a conclusion that is as tenuous and flimsy as using the inferred existence of WMDs as an excuse to steal M&Ms from the shop.

But I defy you, convention, you beguiler, telling us what to do and when to do it based upon reasonable extrapolation from years of evidence. I spit in your false face, tradition with your big silly chin. And etiquette? You can shove that one up yer arse. You won’t find this post being led around by the unmentionable. I fly in the face of protocol, like an unconventional, wildly unconvincing rebel.

At this point I should be summarising my post, noting the key points, perhaps. Or issuing a witty aside to distract from the pointlessness of what you have just read. But I won’t, rebel that I am.

So. in summary, I am attempting to infer that I am no slave to convention. Note points A to C above as proof.


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