Blank Holiday

Argh. I cannot overstate that expression of frustration. Maybe an exclamation point will help. Ahem, let me try again.


I have been reading a lot of blogs recently. This wordpressy thing is new to me and I am trying to get into the swing of things by trawling the blogs offered, which is turning into a discouraging process.

I don’t know what I expected, but I know what I hoped for. I hoped for enlightened, intriguing discourse, or wit and those special, beautifully phrased, pithy little phrases that make reading a thoroughly wholesome pleasure. I wanted crafted posts, lighting the fire of my turgid imagination.

What I got was the complete opposite. Bland, self-obsessed, regurgitated shash, mostly. And about as much wit as can be summoned up by a wounded antelope hurtling across the savannah being pursued by a pride of hungry lions.

Of course, this is a MASSIVE exaggeration, purely for effect. There are some blogs out there that have genuinely delighted me and, to those bloggers, I offer my insignificant and pointless thanks, but to the rest of you I would like to say thanks for wasting my time. Insert your own sarcastic tone here.

This whole post obviously stinks of hypocrisy. I rail against the forces of self-obsession while perpetrating my own navel-staring, but the difference is that I AM NO DIFFERENT (ha! – no, I don’t get it either), which is why this post exists. I am as bad as all of you.

So here is my offering, written in the full knowledge that nobody is really interested in what I have to say and that I will be dismissed by others as I, myself, dismiss others. This self-obsessed,  ego-centric, strangely self-aware post doesn’t care, which is probably how it should be.

If you think you are one of that small amount of bloggers that can entice me with wares they TRULY believe are worthwhile, then let me know and I’ll have a looksee, and if I like I will, er, ‘like’ or even ‘follow’, so best of luck with that.

If not you can shove it up your arse. Happy blogging!




  1. Maybe you lost your job, your dog was run over and your wife left you…I don’t know. Maybe you’ve been drinking. Anyway, way to ‘win friends and influence people’! 😉 Did you leave comments telling people what you REALLY thought of their posts? (maybe I should check mine…) We all go through creative droughts and dry spells. It’s torture for the writer as much as it is for readers! Most of us just try to write our way through them, regardless of how bad the posts get, and hope that people are patient with us. God has a sense of humor, though, and your turn will come, if it hasn’t already! I’ve liked reading your other posts mostly because I’m working on my stories at the same time and relate to your process (only other writers find THAT interesting, BTW!); and you are usually somewhat witty (I see that’s a double-edged sword now!). For what that’s worth. 🙂


    1. I concede it was quite a negative post. I did not comment on other people’s posts when I found them annoyingly, well, annoying – that would be rude – but I just wanted to say what I was thinking, hence the post, and which I reckon is the point of blogging. There really are a load of really naff blogs out there, it just got to me for moment! No doubt I will surge forth, swollen with positivity and love for the minutia of my fellow blogger’s lives, but in the meantime…meh… Thanks for commenting, chalkdustfairy!


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