Turning to the dark side

Something has just happened. I find myself at a critical juncture.
To be honest, I could see this coming. The characters that I hope will form the basis for my story have just had their epiphanic moment. Epiphanic is not a word. Their epiphany, then. At least, the reason for all that has gone on up until now, and what the course of their future will be. I have revealed to the reader and the characters the nature of the baddy (at least, enough to get the gist, but also little enough to allow for ‘events’), and their tasks to combat it (vaguely).
SO….part one done, at least in its base form.
Now I have to make a choice. I think I should introduce further characters, set their bit in some other part of the ‘world’ perhaps? The baddies? Or at least those working against my character’s goals? Or do I just introduce a singular baddy and intersperse it with what I have?
Oh, questions…I will ponder further, though my instinct is to now write the new parts and thread them between the chapters I have already, rather than doing a ‘part one, part two’ thing.
I think I fancy a bit of time away from the goodies…they are dull…! Time to get bad… (published 4 June 2012)


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