The lure of software

In a fit of optimism I started a database using the ever-average Open Office software, ‘Base’. Boy, was that a mistake. You see, I have, er, about six different nations, a whole host of cities, and a rapidly swelling cast of characters. So you’d have thunk it ’bout right that a database was the way to go, yes?

No. I forgot one crucial thing. I am rubbish at databases.

In fact, I think this all stems from my Uni experience twenty years back when I studied Computer Studies. Well, I say ‘studied’, but that would require a redefinition of the word – I had four percent attendance in the database subject (two words say why….Hard Drivin’). Needless to say I passed, but no-one will ever understand how, least of all me.

I struggled with tables, forms and the Open Office lack of any user-friendliness then gave up in a steaming huff.

So I begin the search for software to help me. And what I come up with is this mind mapping software called MyThoughts which is simple as anything and actually does what it says on the tin….no, hold on….no tin…

Well…screenshot ahoy… It’s a nifty app…a bit pricey, but stuff for free is usually rubbish (evernote the exception)

(published 10 June 2012)


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