Research be damned…

So…research. One reason among many for choosing the fantasy genre for my first real writing attempt was to avoid the need to actually research anything real. I didn’t want to have to visit Dusselfdorf to write about someone going there, in the same way I couldn’t be bothered to research particle physics or cranial surgery. And so on. SO I figured if I did a bit of worldbuilding I would negate the need to use actual facts. But I was naive…
Today I have researched the way to make soap from tallow, the sizes of medieval towers, geology, buddhist monks, river boats, gothic architecture and carriage suspension types. Eclectic, huh? I won’t use most of it, but every five minutes I find myself digging about on the interweberama for something or other.
The difference is that this time I find myself believing in the project and, I suppose, this makes me willing to try harder.
Still, I can still make up shit as I go along, which works out fine for me. I suppose it’s just the genre I like.

Oh, one last thing. I had to draw me a map in which to set all these shenanigans, and have managed to get it as my blog background. Names have changed, some places have actually moved – it’s all first draft stuff. Three weeks into writing and 25k words. After the initial push it’s been slow going, but I am managing to be surprisingly relentless.
Well, blog accomplished. Ha! As if it’ll last…


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