Plans, plans and more plans

Hit a wee snag today. Did about 20 words, fiddled about a bit with some of the many imperfections – to give me time to ponder, you understand – and suddenly I was hit by a logistical issue. You never think about it, but when you read something you imagine the location with very little effort. If the suggestions are good enough your imagination sort of fills in the gaps and the scene grows in your mind The writer only needs to provide the kernal.
Unfortunately, this method does not seem to work when you want to simply write an explanation of a character going from A to B. It all gets horribly complicated. My tiny mind is unsuitable for the task, clearly.
So I have had to design two floors of an abandoned school cum stately home kind of place (There are actually three floors, but we have to have our little secrets!) From scratch I guess desperately at the positioning of corridors, rooms, kitchens, libraries, all sorts of hidey places for shenanigans. The place is going to be traversed often enough to warrant knowing where the hell everyone is in relation to everyone else. I have had given little thought to structural integrity because I am an architectural babe in arms, so if someone (presumably a dedicated fan in the far future) were to build the place it’d be no surprise if it collapsed impressively.
One effect of this floor plan designing incident is that it brought back memories of my misspent roleplaying adolescence. Tragic. It goes just behind my childhood train spotting as a thing to hide. One wonders why I blog it?!


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