Oh, dedication

Roy Castle, the trumpet-wielding, tap-dancing record breaker, said once that dedication was what you needed. If you want to be the best, he had said, if you want to beat the rest, then dedication was what you needed. He’d been unshakeable on the point, as I recall.
Yeah. Dedication. Norris McWhirter’s right-hand man had been on to something.
They say a writer has to be dedicated. It’s REALLY hard for me to do dedication. I can do wispy blah as easy as anything. I can do whimsy and frippery as easy as Roy Castle, but dedication is so unattainable to the perpetually intransigent like me. Me and dedication? Well, it might as well call me Susan and shun me socially.
Like today, for instance. Some fine ideas appear (to be fair, with alarming rarity) in my mind and so I should be scribbling away. But no. I suddenly get the urge to wash up. Mighty forces appear to be at work. But even now, writing this and avoiding yet MORE work, I realise this is all just a prelude and I will soon start tapping away. It’s all so confusing.
The blog begets.


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