No sport in fantasy genre claim…

The Euro’s are on…all actual work involving any writing or even the semblance of productivity are put to one side while I watch the footy.

Which has got me thinking. Sport doesn’t really feature in the fantasy genre. Of course, there’s the cliche games of death and whatnot; arena hacking and slaying, but very little I can immediately think of that is more like the sport we recognise. Unseen Academicals is a Terry Pratchett one with more than a nod to lower-league footy, but apart from that….? Oh, and Quidditch, but that’s in a kiddies book.

Maybe one of the half-dozen readers I get a day will comment of any sports in the fantasy genre?? Go on…

Maybe sport isn’t imparting enough gravitas to bother about, but in our society, historically, it has had quite an impact. So it occurs that this might be a good idea to see if I can work sport into something. Or not. Actually, it’s hard enough getting the simple stuff done to worry about inventing games.Walk first, run later.


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