Fantasy menu

Food glorious fooooood! What does one eat at a feast in a fantasy novel? We’re way past boars on a spit, but we aren’t talking nouveau cuisine either. Meh, a quandry! Doves stuffed with quinces, what would that taste like!?

These questions are to be mulled over, along with millions of others I never thought I’d ask myself. What do you call the bit that sticks out in those medieval houses like they have on the Shambles in York?  What do poisons smell like? Why haven’t I bought rechargeable batteries for my bluetooth keyboard yet?

If the process of writing wasn’t its own reward there’s always the peculiar research it makes you do. Not that googling really counts as research…

So, the answers to my questions? In order…Anything you want, probably awful, ‘Overhanging’ (I know….disappointing…), one smells of menthol and I stopped looking after that, and because I am an idiot.

Thank you for being….


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