England and Mr Miyagi

Yeah, England are out of the Euros on penalties. The Italians. I’ll just take a moment to absorb that fact…

Right, now that they’re out I can get back with this blog. And I haven’t been idle in the intervening period. Words have spilled from me like *insert obvious simile here*. It has been less prolific an outpouring since the early rush in the first months, but all that effort has begun to gel the world behind the story. It has taken me in a strange direction and opened new doors. I have written with more consideration –  taking more time in deciding the actions and motivations behind choices and actions, which has been, well, a little tedious if I am honest. I prefer the immediacy of the initial gush than the grind of crafting something, however I am certain the result will be more satisfactory precisely because of this effort.

I am beginning to realise, however,  that I need people to help out a little, to offer advice and stuff, but I have found eager recipients elusive so far. Nobody wants to read some shit you’ve splurged from your fevered mind, it is personal and uncomfortable. Or maybe its something else. Regardless, I will persist and screw the detractors. Wax on, wax off, Johnboy!


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