Can we build it

And…it all crashes in. This week I have been writing less and less as I finally realise that I have got to get the world-building aspect finished first. Don’t get me wrong, the stuff written up until today is texture to the gloop, but I need more. I have a decent creation myth going on, but it needs fleshing out, and I need to work out the relationships and motivations between states and races. This is a big job, but I remain determined to get it done.
So, I have decided to dramatise the key elements, not to go into any final version, but because it is the best and most creative way to make things add up in my head. Plus inspiration strikes better when I’m a-scribbling.
So what next…well, a timeline, the history of key cities, the political organisation and, oh, so much more.
I am rapidly finding that as I make the world richer, I can envision the characters with better clarity and make them richer by association. And the plot also benefits (bonus).
It’s all guesswork, but it’s fun.

Now I just need to learn how to write, get my speelings right and get the grammar done proper like. See what I did there…?! I am so funny… (published 8 June 2012)


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